Mission Trips

On July 24-July 30, 2011, we traveled to Cherryfield, ME to collaborate with the Maine Seacoast Mission on our very first mission trip. This was an intergenerational trip with participants in their teens and participants that the Federal Government labels as senior citizens. During this week, we were hosted by the Cherryfield Congregational Church UCC while working on two separate projects on two different homes. There have been similar trips every year from 2013 through 2019.


Maine Seacoast Mission serves the Downeast region year-round with an after-school program, food pantries, emergency assistance and special work with both seniors and youth. During the summer, they invite groups to participate in the Housing Repair Ministry, which serves individuals in western Washington County from Steuben to Jonesboro. The Applications are distributed through the Maine Seacoast Mission programs and are collected in June. The highest priority is given to homes with the highest need.


Though we hope to return to Cherryfield, ME in 2020, this will depend on the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to a future mission trips and will remain active in the Greater Portland community through the Micah Project.

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