Mission & Outreach

The Mission & Outreach Team is one of the primary ways our church serves and reaches out to the world beyond our sanctuary. The Team informs and educates the congregation about world, national, and local needs, coordinates several of the congregation’s direct service projects and oversees distribution of funds to United Church of Christ denominational programs and to a wide variety of non-profit agencies, both faith-based and secular.

We Share Our Gifts

Through the Mission & Outreach Team, First Congregational Church gives over $5,000 annually in such “special support.”

Agencies that receive support through these discretionary funds have included:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Maine Council of Churches
  • Preble Street Resource Center
  • Wayside Soup Kitchen
  • The Fannie Peabody Center
  • The Protestant Hospital Ministry
  • Family Crisis Center
  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Heifer International
  • The Maine State Prison Pastoral Fund
  • Ingraham Volunteers
  • The Southern Maine Area Agency on Aging

We make headlines

The Mission & Outreach Team was the dynamic group of leaders that inspired the work our congregation did for the United Church of Christ effort known as Mission:1 in November 2011. We were honored to appear in United Church News for our work.