Growing Together

In our church, we believe that God is still speaking. God didn’t cease to interact with humanity when the last word was written in the Bible. We believe that God is still speaking to us through the journey we share in this life. We begin our worship together with this reminder from the United Church of Christ:

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

This isn’t only how we welcome or even how we worship. It is how we grow together as people of faith.

We recognize that we’re all children of God who have something to say about God. We’re all on a journey. No matter how young we might be in Sunday School (held Sept-May) or how old we are as participants in Faith Formation for Adults, we’re all trying to understand a little bit more about this journey through life with our God. We are a church that welcomes all of the questions and curiosities that are revealed along life’s journey. And so, we seek to find spaces for children, teens and adults to deeply explore their faith. We offer classroom space and retreat space so that we might learn more about our God together. It is how we form our faith.