Governance Structure


In 2009, the Church enacted a new set of By-Laws which established a new governance structure (or organizational structure).  That structure consists of the Council, the Spiritual Life and Worship Team, the Education Growth and Fellowship Team, the Mission and Outreach Team, and the Administration Team.  Each of these groups has associated committees and sub-teams.  Additional details about each group follow this overview picture, which can be downloaded here [ddownload id=”5822″ text=”Download Governance Structure”].


From the 2009 By-Laws: “The Council shall act for the congregation when the congregation is not in meeting and will serve as the coordinating body of the Church in carrying out its purpose. It will serve as the policy-making agent of the Church, recommending adjustments and improvements concerning policies and administration to the Church. For purposes of Maine law, the Council shall be considered as the “Board of Directors” and shall serve such role.

Spiritual Life and Worship Team

From the 2009 By-Laws: “Coordinating with the ministers, the (Spiritual Life and Worship) Team shall be responsible for the overall spiritual life of the Church including all aspects of all worship services. It will ensure that there is an active lay visitation ministry and be responsible for all administrative matters pertaining to the reception of new members in the Church. The Team shall be responsible for oversight of the communion, chancel, narthex, and music functions.”  Click here for more details about the SL&W Team Handbook.

Education, Growth and Fellowship Team

From the 2009 By-Laws: “The (Education, Growth and Fellowship) Team shall be responsible for oversight of the growth and education of the congregation. It shall promote faith formation for all ages. It shall also be responsible for the oversight of fellowship within the Church and between the Church and the community. It shall also oversee efforts to increase Church membership.

Mission and Outreach Team

From the 2009 By-Laws: “The (Mission and Outreach) Team shall be responsible for the oversight of all aspects of mission and outreach, including guiding and encouraging the congregation to serve the community locally, regionally, and globally. It will be responsible for overseeing distribution of designated special offerings and gifts.

Administration Team

From the 2009 By-Laws: “The (Administration) Team shall oversee all aspects of the administration of all Church properties, including modifications and maintenance, and daily operations. Its responsibilities will include oversight for establishing procurement policies, for obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, for the rental properties, for all offerings of the Church, for reviewing the financial statements of the Church each month, for selecting an outside auditor and overseeing the annual audit, and overseeing a planned giving program.”  Click here for more details about the Administration Team Handbook.