Our Church Family at FCC UCC

Can you tell me a little more about the history of FCC UCC? We have a rich history across 275 years where our building, our people and our ministry has changed and evolved.  Read about our history here.

What is an Open and Affirming church? Open and Affirming (ONA) refers to churches in the United Church of Christ (UCC) that have declared themselves open to, and affirming of, all who seek the transforming love of God, regardless of who they are or where they are on life’s journey. ONA specifically means that sexual orientation is no barrier to full fellowship in the church. We voted to become Open and Affirming and wrote this statement together. If you’re interested in learning more, explore the UCC resources.

What inspired FCC UCC to become an ONA church? As with all of our important decisions, we prayed and discerned together about where God was leading us. By Congregational vote in 2000, we made this important decision to become a welcoming community. Learn more about that decision here.

Learn More About the United Church of Christ

What are the historical foundations of the UCC? The United Church of Christ came together in 1957 with the union of four historic strands — Congregational, Christian, Reform and Evangelical — that sought to become more “united and uniting.” Our history has been varied and exciting. Take a tour through our history on this If you are curious to learn even more about our denominational history, you can learn about the Hidden Histories of UCC.

What does the United Church of Christ believe? In the UCC, we celebrate the Bible as the authoritative witness of the Word of God and believe that Jesus is the Head of our church body. We celebrate the traditions of the past and look forward as we believe that God is Still Speaking. Because of this diversity in old and new, the UCC receives the historic creeds and confessions of our ancestors as testimonies, but not tests of the faith. You can learn even more about our theological thinking, here at the Theology Page.

Ok, I kinda understand what the UCC believes. But, what matters to the UCC? Great question. There are many things that matter to us and we encourage you to explore these thoughts and ideas on the Congregational Vitality What Matters page. In the United Church of Christ, there are six things that really matter to us.

  • We Are People of God’s Extravagant Welcome
  • We Belong to Christ
  • We Are People of Covenant, a United and Uniting Church
  • We Are One at Baptism and the Table
  • We Thank God by Working for a Just and Loving World
  • We Listen for the Stillspeaking God

We are proud of this identity and hope that you will join us on the journey by exploring what matters to you.

Being a Disciple in Today’s World

I want to begin to study the Bible. But, I don’t know where to start. What can I do? In our faith community at FCC UCC, we seek to offer opportunities to explore these questions with other seekers. Sign up for a Faith Formation for Adults opportunity to begin this quest.  You may also want to seek out our Small Group opportunity known as Leisurely Lectionary.  There are several internet resources that will help guide you through the beginnings of Biblical Study. If you are interested in following the Revised Common Lectionary (the readings that we follow from Sunday to Sunday in worship), you can read some background thinking at Samuel which offers other worship resources from the United Church of Christ.

I find it hard to chisel out time for daily prayers. What can I do? If you are always on the go, in the car, or in a rush, there’s help… a terrific web-based resource you can download to your iPod or MP3 player. Check out Pray as you go.

How can I be a person of faith that expresses my faith in action? This is a great question! Through the Justice and Witness Ministries of the UCC, there is an Action Center that invites members and friends to put their faith into action. Another resource that supports Christians seeking to use their faith in action is Sojourners. If you are interested in more resources, look for the Social Witness Ministries in our church.

Finding Spiritual Connections in a Busy World

What options are there for Christian retreats in New England? As a Christian community, we recognize the importance of retreats. We take intentional time together at the Women’s and Men’s Retreats once a year. Please join us. Find information about those retreats on Faith Formation for Adults. If you’re interested in a place to get away by yourself for a spiritual retreat, there’s Living Water Spiritual Retreat Center in Winslow, Maine, offering personal retreats at very reasonable prices.

What Christian camps are in Maine for my children? “Vacationland” doesn’t have a shortage of summer camps for children! Top of the list is our UCC summer camp Pilgrim Lodge in West Gardiner, Maine. Our congregation offers campership support to reduce the cost for members of our congregation. The United Way also offers quite an extensive Camp Directory.

Governance Structure

What are the church bylaws? Click here to see the church bylaws.

Questions About This Website

How do I get pictures of my family removed from the website? Pictures play an important role on the website, as they show the active, vibrant side of our Church community.  Please know that we will not associate any personal identifying information with any picture on the site, other than ministers and staff.  However, if you are uncomfortable with having your picture or a family member’s picture on the site, please let us know by sending an email to the church office.  We will remove the picture(s) as soon as possible.

How do I make suggestions about the website? This website is no different from any other in that it can always be improved.  If you have an idea for improving the website (like more information, a link to another site, new features, a new page, etc.) please let us know by sending an email to the website webmasters.  We will be happy to look into making the change, although we can’t promise that every idea will be incorporated.