Small Groups

As our vision statement articulates, we are a people that welcome and love.  We seek to be in relationship with each other through our various small groups.

Family Enrichment and Fellowship

Throughout the fall, winter and spring months are different opportunities for families to gather, share a potluck meal and get to know one another. Caroling Night, Game Night and a special Seder Meal are a few examples of our family centered activities.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a national one, begun as a tangible expression of love for those whom we hold in our prayers because of a time of worry, illness or other difficulty. The patterns are easy and can be knit or crocheted. Anyone can make one, even beginners, and it’s fun to do. We’ve recently formed a group in our church to knit and/or crochet, either for specific persons or to have ready for a time when a need arises. We gather Tuesday evenings at 6:30 in Davidson Lounge. If you’re interested in learning more about our Prayer Shawl group, please contact Darla Harris.

Fellowship Club: The Fellowship Club was originally formed as the Eskimo Men’s Club in December, 1934.  In January, 2019, women were invited to join as full members, and in December, 2019, the name of the club was changed to the Fellowship Club.  Today, there are about 40 members. The Fellowship Club has two objectives: to promote good fellowship among the men and women of the Church and to further the interests of the Church, such as by providing services and donations of financial support to the Church. The Fellowship Club meets in Guptill Hall at 6:30pm on the first Wednesdays of October through May. Contact Chris Keiter or Walter Jellison for more information..

Explore the Faith Formation for Adults page for the latest information about courses and retreats for adult members, friends and visitors to the church. We are always open to the movement of the Spirit if you are interested in starting a small group. To do so, check out How to Start a Small Group Ministry.

Mission & Service

We are committed to service and seek to be involved in direct action within our local community. We offer a variety of experiences for our members listed under volunteer opportunities.

Give to Your Church

We identify ourselves as people of service on Meetinghouse Hill and invite all of our members to become involved in volunteering in our church.  Beyond the opportunities offered by the Mission & Outreach Team, there are other ways of giving to your church, including: