Our church vision is to be A Christian Family: Loving, Welcoming, Serving.  An important part of living that vision comes about in the many ways that people can participate in the life of the church.  Ours is an active, lively, vital church.  Whether it’s singing in the choir, hosting coffee hour, ushering, volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, serving on a Team or Committee, or any number of other opportunities, there is something for everyone.

No matter how much time you have to give, no matter what your skills or interests, no matter what your level of commitment, there is something for you to do and connect with.   Any involvement will give you the opportunity to connect with other members of the church family, enrich your life, and help build the church community.

So browse through these pages, find something that piques your interest, and get in touch with the contact person.  If you are not sure who to touch bases with, go to our Contact Page and send an email to the person most likely to be able to help you out.  We’ll get you connected!