The church logo, enthusiastically approved by the Church Cabinet in September, 1998, is a gift from graphic artist Bryan Wiggins, past co-chair of our Deacons, in celebration of Rededication Sunday, September 27, 1998.

In Bryan’s words:

“Like the steeple it portrays, the art is meant to direct the viewer’s vision (and spirit) towards Christ as symbolized by the cross. I sought to have all the architectural elements lead to it. This serves as an allegory for many Christian lives: so much of our time is occupied by the attention and the demands of the secular world, but those who live in harmony with Christ seem to have these efforts subordinated to, and ultimately directed towards, His will. The word ‘Congregational’ sits in the foremost plane of the graphic and overlaps the steeple that appears behind it. Its prominence is meant to reflect the importance of the congregation in the life of the church. The physical church building (as represented by the steeple) is secondary to the church that exists within the spirit and works of those assembled to worship God.

At the bottom of the composition I have featured the suggestion of the top of the front door to our sanctuary… symbolizing our openness to any who seek direction and fellowship with others who follow Christ’s example.”