A-Team Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the team include:

  • Oversee all aspects of the administration of all Church properties and monthly finances
  • Review the monthly financial statements and alert the Council of budgetary concerns¬†
  • Oversee insurance policies and coverage
  • Assess ongoing expenses and bills (purchasing major equipment, utility bills, etc.)
  • Select an independent auditor and oversee annual review of financial statements
  • Oversee the rental properties and leases, and room rentals in the church
  • Publish reminders about planned giving and acknowledge gifts made to the church
  • Oversee processes for administration of pledges and other aspects of church accounting
  • Manage repairs and enhancements to the church facilities
  • Monitor and manage the security of the church facility, and
  • Oversee three committees:¬† House, Counting, and Financial Review.