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Do you like to sing Christmas carols?

Join our virtual carol choir!

Below you will find links to this week’s Christmas carol and lyrics. Record yourself singing along, and send it in! Your voice will be mixed with lots of others so don’t be shy. Detailed instructions are below. If you want to participate but that’s just too hard, email Cindy ( and she can set up a time to record you at church. 

The virtual choir song for Christmas Eve is Away in a Manger. Please follow the instructions below and submit the video by Friday, December 18

The music you’ll be singing to can be found here, and the lyrics are below the video:


  • You will need two devices plus earbuds (or headphones). You will use earbuds and one device (phone, tablet, or computer) to play the audio, and another device (preferably phone) to record you singing along. Your video should include only you and your voice, NOT the background track. 
  • If you wear earbuds for the recording, it is recommended that you put them in only one ear, so that you can hear yourself well with the other.
  • Prop your phone so that it is steady, not being held. Make sure the mic is not blocked by material.
  • Put your phone HORIZONTAL  (landscape) at or near eye level, with you in the middle. You should fill up the middle third of the image from left to right, with the camera about chest height. 
  • Make sure you are not backlit and avoid ambient background noise, including shuffling of papers.
  • You don’t need to have it memorized, but please do look at the camera some when you can. 
  • When you get ready to record, start your recording and then start the prerecorded message (the one that will be playing in your ear). At the beginning of the recording I will ask you to clap on four. This helps serve as a marker when I’m editing.
  • Please give me five seconds of stillness at the end so I have room to edit.
  • After recording, listen to it and make sure there aren’t big noise distractions (barking dogs, ambulances, etc.). Don’t worry if your singing isn’t perfect. You’ll be singing with lots of others. 
  • When you’re done, upload your video to this link:  If that doesn’t work, you can send it as a Google link. Sending by email or text is not recommended because it lowers the quality, but if the other ways don’t work, send it to 
  • Tune in to worship on Christmas Eve and see how it turned out!