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SL&W Meeting Minutes – 6/6/2013

Recorder:  Elaine Brownell



Attending:   Tex Haeuser, Dave Allen, Justin LaBerge, Debbie Riley, Margaret O’Connor, LeslieGatcombe,  Kathy Sahrbeck, Dana Wiggins, Diane Harvey, and Elaine Brownell.


Opening Prayer was led by Dave.


Review of May Minutes:  Revised minutes were approved.


Minister’s Update: (Diane)

     All plans are going well regarding Friday and Sunday’s celebration for John.

     Diane’s summer office hours until June 17th are Monday-Thursday (8-Noon, 1-4), Friday off – after June 17th (8:30 – Noon).

     Our church’s wedding policy was reviewed and discussed – all requests will continue to be subject to said policy.


Elders’ Luncheon Recap:

          Suggestions:     Be sure invitation is sent to Minister.

                                     – Possibly use 2 serving tables.

                                     – Increase budget to cover framed certificates and some food.


SL&W Historical Notebook Update:  All historical reports (notes) of SL&W activities to Sue ASAP.    


End of Term/New Beginning:

         Tex and Debbie were thanked for their service and active participation – we will 

             miss  them!

         – Dana will submit Pat Rossi Calkin’s name to Council June 20th as a new

             member of SL&W.


NEXT MEETING:   Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 7:00 PM

           Elaine (convening), Dana (minutes), *Dave (agenda)

            *Dave has volunteered to prepare all agendas for the upcoming year

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