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Mission and Outreach Team Minutes – March 6, 2014

Mission and Outreach Team, FCC UCC
Agenda March 6, 2014 7:30 p.m. to 8:50 p.m.
Present: Karen, Margaret, Deb, Walter, Jess, Georgia, Cindy

Standing business:
• February Minutes approved by Jess, Seconded by Walter
• Financial Report: Jess presented March’s report with no changes from January. The business manager indicated no changes however, Jess will double check on Christmas disbursements as well as the starting budget for the new year.

Minister’s moment:
• Cindy shared information about the Capital Campaign for PL. Two ministers will speak at an upcoming service for a mission moment.
• Mission trip: 15 people signed up, meeting soon to plan team building and the trip. Dinner and auction in May. July 23-July 26.

New Business
• Pictorial Directories – 6 years old, Georgia recommends the directory be updated. Currently the work is being done by the council
• Review UCC Fund raising Policy
o How can we support without monetary mean:
o Drives, identify volunteer opportunities,
o Mentored kids in school – big brother big sister
o Long Creek
 Toiletry drive
o Grace Street
 Socks, backpacks, and clothing drive
 Sock Hop, Sock Drive, dance party with Prom season, disco ball, music
• Anne Fuerher was invited to the meeting as we explored options
• Karen and Jess to plan
• First Sunday in June 1st (Founders day in worship)
o Immigration
 Opportunity Alliance, Brick Hill – Walter will reconnect with the organization
 Active communities, but we’re not familiar with a liaison
 Catholic Charities might be a resource
 Walter will connect with a community resource
 The first Sunday of each May is Immigration Rights Sunday (also communion and Scholarship Sunday)
 UCC website has lots of resources
• Mission Moment
o third Sunday of each Month
o Recap the last year – on the to do list
o Plan the next one for May 11th
• Distribution of Funds
o Food Pantry – $100
 constant need of peanut butter,
 Let’s increase the awareness of the need of the food pantry
 Message in the Sunday bulletin
 Announcement in the Beacon
 Margaret to move the cart, make lists available
 Karen will ask AnnElissa to make a poster
 Jess to connect with the group for couponing
 Karen to connect with the Food Pantry about gaps.

o Community Crisis Ministries
 $500 – fuel
o UCC Missionaries
 Walter would like to review to support financially.
 Cindy suggested connecting with the Maine conference as they usually connect with a specific group
o Jess asked Cindy to share what were some examples of what made her former congregation’s MO team successful
 Scout Sunday same day as Blanket Sunday
 Children share the stories
 Thanksgiving drive – harvest sharing
• House to house – collected groceries
 Refugee families – found jobs and place to live
 Salvation Army Angel Tree
 AIDS organization giving tree
 Focus our churches where others won’t
o Herb Brown – Friendship House
 Influx of residents into the FH because of budget cuts
 $350 to FH
• The giving tree – Jess will take over next December, connect with Sarah Randall
• Thanksgiving baskets – Walter will be coordinating next November, connect with Maryann McGreehan
• New members – review
• Mission Mall – the group met, review their goals
o Increase visibility, location, fair trade products, year round gifting catalog
o Numbers were down potentially due to the cookie walk
o $2200 to $1800

Mission Sunday Organization Attendees:
Cancer Community Center – Amy Anderson – attended service
Grace Street Ministries – Karen Orr – attended service
Family Crisis Services – Lois Reckitt – attended service
Preble Street – Elena Schmidt – attended service
Iris Network – Serena Joyce –attended service – attended service
Sweetser – Todd Henry –attended service
Wayside – sent brochures that I placed on table
Shalom House – Jill Silander – attended service
Friendship House – Herb Blake – attended service
Day One – I picked up brochures and displayed on table

Adjourned 8:53 p.m.
Next meeting April 3, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

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