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EF&G Minutes – October 2, 2014

EF& G Minutes October 2, 2014

Attendees: Trudi Bakki, Judy Magnuson, Christine Campbell, Gloria Dinsmore, Anne Fuerher

Sunday School Update: Attendance and registrations are way down. Last Sunday there were 8 total children, including Nursery. There are teachers for every slot.

Acolytes: Anne met with Carolyn Foster from SL&W. Carolyn will be the SL&W assistant with Acolytes

Cindy joined us for a discussion regarding Confirmation. Cindy prefers to have Confirmation occur in the 9th grade as developmentally this age is ready to engage in thoughtful conversation. The rationale for why it was moved to 8th grade was shared with Cindy. Six Confirmands is a good minimum, though a larger group is beneficial. The Board agreed to have Confirmation every other year to include 8th and 9th graders (and any other high school age students who may wish to participate.)!

Stewardship Sunday is November 2nd. Cindy does not believe Coffee Hour needs to be moved for this.

Youth Groups have had one meeting that was a joint meeting with Jr. and Sr. Youth last Sunday. Four events are planned this autumn. Middle and High groups are meeting separately. At the joint meeting there were two senior youth group and six middle school youth group members present. The Halloween Party will be the next joint activity, which is scheduled for October 25, 2014 from 4-7:30.

Leaf raking is scheduled for November 2nd.

The Christmas Pageant has been chosen. Anne is looking for adults to lead music and costumes. Elizabeth Scifres has indicated she will direct.

Christ Kids Club in October Karen Ellis will be with the younger children and Kiersten Ellis will be with another group of children and Jan Hamilton will be sewing with the older children.

There is not a new member Sunday scheduled as yet.

Coffee Hour: Trudi will manage supplies for October. Gloria and a friend cleaned the kitchen in Wright Pavilion up, Thank-you!!

Elinor Redmond continues to schedule servers and food, the Board is very appreciative. Judy will contact Elinor if there are any special Sundays when the location will need to be moved. She also will create a sign-up sheet going into November.

Advent Wreath making will be November 30th. Judy will coordinate the supplies and Anne will advertise. The Quarter Sale will occur again under Sue Ross on December 7th. Coffee Hour will be in Guptill Hall on both of those Sundays.

Adjourned 8:20 – Next Meeting November 6th at 7PM

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