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Council Minutes – October 16, 2014

Minutes, Oct.16, 2014– Council


  • Peggy Murray, Scott Berry, Ron Bennett, Holly Culver, John Howard, John Shoos, Cindy Maddox, Dana Wiggins Robin Reinhold, Elinor Redmond, Betsy Keiter
  • Leadership Prayer by Cindy
  • September Minutes reviewed: approved
  • Fall Stewardship headed up by John Howard and John Shoos. Letters are in homes with a good early response reported. Consecration Sunday is Nov. 2.
  • Pilgrim Lodge 5 year Capital Campaign: Church members exceeded goal with 16K in pledges. Church Council supports additional $250.00 a year. ($1,250 total).
  • Team Leaders Meeting: Conversation was generated between church teams and discussion led to team support ideas. Visits to teams are scheduled as follows:
    • Scott and Ron will visit the Administration Team;
    • Robin and Holly will visit Education, Fellowship & Growth;
    • John Howard will visit Mission; and
    • Dana will visit Spiritual Life & Worship.
  • Church Directory team made good progress in narrowing vendor & process choices:
    • Lifetouch (offers free directory, but they take and sell pictures. mobile app available
    • com (church member takes photos and has ability to update periodically on our website). mobile app available
    • The third choice being considered by the Directory Committee is to create a directory with the Church Windows, pending upgrade of software
  • Budget: Elinor will work with Ellie Chatto and Ron Bennett
  • Nominating Committee: considering ways to help the process of volunteerism
  • Minister’s time:­
  • Holiday schedule is as follows: 12/25 falls on a Thursday.
    • Office will be closed Wednesday noon, Thursday (Christmas Day) and Friday.
    • Phone messages to be checked during closure in case of immediate need
  • A Social Media Small Group met to advance the possibility of building a stronger church community by encouraging followers to our Facebook page, increase name recognition, offer online book groups for Lent, minister to non- church members as well as members. Actionable items are:
    • Ask church members to follow on Facebook
    • EF&G, A-Team, SL&W, Mission contribute team news and volunteer requests
    • 5 minute sermon excerpt uploads to YouTube with a link on our FB page
  • Church email campaign being considered: “Happenings at church this week…” or “Church calendar” could be emailed weekly or bi-weekly to supplement a less frequent Beacon monthly mailing.

Adjourned at 8:10

Recorder: Dana



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