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Minutes, January 15, 2015 – Council


  • Peggy Murray, Betsy Keiter, Scott Berry, Robin Reinhold, Holly Culver, Beth Harris Hess, Cindy Maddox, Ron Bennett, John Howard, Elinor Redmond, Dana Wiggins  (John Shoos in Haiti)

December Minutes reviewed:  approved

Budget Committee Report:­

  • Church budget meeting on Sunday Jan. 11 was well attended with active discussion and participation in exploring options to reconcile the budget.
  • New and increased pledges came in as a result of (1) the meeting, (2) the special appeal letter and (3) calls made to families. End of year contributions still coming in. Budget approval will be voted on at the upcoming church meeting.
  • Many thanks to the Budget Committee for excellent communication, creative problem solving, and tenacity in making calls in support of the church.

Minister’s time:­

  • New Members meeting is planned with 3 families currently interested
  • Dream Gift has five members forming a steering committee for the special projects – Cindy will list available openings, needs and tasks
  • Property rentals can include Guptill Hall kitchen now- the A-Team secured a license
  • A monthly evening Folk Service and Potluck dinner will be starting in February
  • An online Directory is still an option after tech support installs software upgrades

Congregational Meeting set for January 25, 2015

Call for Bob Morse as Pastor of Member Care and Visitation:­

  • Process and contract were reviewed.

Pastoral Relations sub team:­

  • Drafted a 1-page document to clarify the role of the group.
  • Cindy will submit a self-evaluation

Council support offered to Sub groups with check-ins:­

  • Mission team will be visited by John Howard
  • Education, Fellowship & Growth by Holly Culver and Robin Reinhold
  • Administrative Team by Scott Berry and Ron Bennett
  • Spiritual Life & Worship visit scheduled in February-Dana Wiggins

Ash Wednesday begins Lenten season

  • Morning service to be offered at 7:30 AM followed by an 8AM fellowship breakfast

Moderator and co-moderator change due in June 2015 –discussion ongoing

Team nominations:­

  • Recruiting process for teams and sub groups is under thoughtful discussion

Minutes submitted by Dana— Meeting adjourned at 8:10


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