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Church Council Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2014

Church Council Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2014

Recorder:  Scott Berry

Present:  Scott Berry, Ron Bennett, Cindy Maddox, Bob Morse, Peggy Murray (via cell phone connection), Elinor Redmond, Robin Reinhold and Dana Wiggins

Absent:  Holly Culver, John Howard, Beth Hess, Betsy Keiter, John Shoos

Elinor opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Scott offered the opening.

Minutes of the Council meeting of June 19, 2014 were reviewed and accepted with one minor correction.

Bob Morse reported he has begun a lay visitor program and that he is looking for potential lay visitors to train.  So far he is working with word of mouth recommendations.  He has completed visiting all recipients of program.  Five training sessions for potential lay visitors have been planned.  Bob is looking for recommendations, thoughts and ideas to get the program up and running.

Bob also reported on the ITN program to transport seniors who no longer drive to church activities.  The program will offer free church-related rides; members can also use the service to go elsewhere but they will pay privately for these rides.  So far, interest has been tepid.  A few seniors have signed up and others seem to be waiting to see how things go before committing themselves.  There is a $50 up front deposit required; all church-related rides will be billed to the church (funding provided through donations).

Update on work being done around the church provided by the A-Team (as an update for Council):

Guptill Hall wall repairs–completed.

Sanctuary columns repair–in process

Steeple painting and repairs–scheduled for September

Sanctuary porch repairs–waiting on Project Manual

Radon testing and mitigation at 509 Sawyer Road—completed

Landscaping at 329/331 Cottage Road—completed

Moody Garden lawn rejuvenation—scheduled for September

Parking lot maintenance—waiting on approval from Admin Team

Trimming of bushes—scheduled for 8/25

Waiting on revised landscaping proposals to include mulching/weeding/fall cleanup, etc.

Alarm System repairs—pending

Pilgrim Lodge Capital Campaign.  (For details refer to June minutes.)  Our church has been asked to pledge $3-5K over five years.  Council is seeking a volunteer to head up the program.  One slight glitch, Pilgrim Lodge has already sent families who have used PL in the past to pledge separately.  Discussion centered on the rich experiences church families have had over the years.  PL has asked our church to respond with a pledge by October.  The consensus of the Council was that $3K per year for five years was doable.  PL would be asked to send a representative to talk at a Sunday service and explain the PL building program and ask for donations that would be routed through the church and counted towards the yearly pledge of $3K.

Stewardship.  Elinor reported that she had talked to both John Howard and John Shoos regarding their expressed interest in co-chairing the Stewardship Team for the coming year.  Three other church members who were on Stewardship last year will also be on the Team.  There is still room for a couple more members to fill out the Team.  UCC stewardship materials have been received at the church office.  Cindy stated she has some ideas for the stewardship program once the Team begins to meet this fall.

Nomination Process.  A follow-on discussion from previous Council meetings regarding the nomination process followed.  One problem with the current governance structure adopted several years ago is that when folks rotate off committees they seek their own replacement.  This process has not been working well.  Elinor Redmond, Elaine Brownell, and Nancy Maclean are going to work as a team to come up with ideas for a new system to fill out vacancies on teams.

2014-2015 Calendar Items.  Homecoming Sunday is scheduled for September 7th.  Cindy would like to honor those who are serving as leaders and members of teams.  Discussion centered on ideas that will focus appreciation for those working hard on church business.

Prudy Wiggins has requested October 18th for the fall rummage sale.  Consensus by the Council was reached approving this request.

Cindy stated that she is working on a women’s retreat in October.  No date has been selected yet; she is working on a venue.

November 22nd will be the next Holly Daze Bazaar.

Team Leaders Meeting.  Council is working on hosting a special meeting for team leaders.  The evening of September 7th was discussed.  The purpose of the meeting would be to hear from them about any concerns they might have.  After a discussion it was decided to host the meeting on Thursday, September 25th from 7 to 8 pm.

Team Visits for 2014-2015.  Council members will again be visiting each team during the upcoming year.  Volunteers from Council will be sought at the September Council meeting via a sign-up sheet.

Church Directory.  This has been an item of old business for several months.  Council is still seeking a leader to head up a team to produce a new church directory.  Several members have volunteered to serve on the team but do not want to take charge.  The team will have to consider the cost to produce a new directory (Olin Mills vs. doing it ourselves).  Consensus was to work on finding a leader during coffee hours in early September.

Pastor’s Moment.  Cindy reviewed a full schedule for the coming weeks, including a women’s retreat.  She is looking for youth leaders.  She did a survey of church parents to get ideas for programs for both the middle school and high school youth groups.  Based on the results, she has decided that the two youth groups will not meet together one month and separate the next   Instead, they will meet together once per month and separate once per month.  The middle school youth will meet on Sunday evenings from 6-7:30 pm.  The high school youth will meet during church after children’s time.  The staff summer schedule ends beginning on August 25th.

Our next meeting is scheduled for September 18, 2014 at 7 p.m.  Elinor Redmond volunteered to be the recorder.  A schedule sheet for Council recorder for the coming year was passed around for members to sign up for.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Berry

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