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Created Equal

Watch the sermon here Genesis 2:4-8, 18-25 Today’s sermon is going to have a higher than usual teaching-to-inspiration ratio. Usually I do a little explaining and then move on to application.  But this story has so much going on that it will take me longer than usual to get to my points. In the past few weeks we have […]

Divine Dominion

Watch the sermon here. Genesis 1:26-31 This is the first time I can remember preaching a sermon series during the summer. I wanted a break from the lectionary, and at the same time I was aware that a series could be difficult considering the influx of visitors and the sporadic attendance of our regulars during the summer months.  So […]

In God’s Image

https;//youtu.be/8VKv3-fuQ6A Genesis 1:20-28 Our passage for today is fairly long and includes the creation of sea creatures, flying creatures, and earthbound creatures. In the interest of time, I am going to skip over all these creatures, wonderful though they are, and move straight to the creation of humankind. In this story of creation, humankind is the […]

What Feeds You?

Click here to watch the sermon Genesis 1:6-19 As you know, the Bible was not written as one whole document. Even the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, was not written as one whole.  In the late 19th century, scholars identified four distinct strands of writers and editors involved in creating these books in their canonical form.  Each one […]

When God Began to Create

  Watch the sermon here A note of warning: my sermon this morning is a bit strange! It is 60% sermon, 30% poem, and 10% me just asking questions!  But it seemed fitting, as I begin a sermon series on creation, to start with a creative approach to the topic.  I promise every week won’t be like this.  My […]

Laugh Lines

Watch the sermon here Genesis 18:1-15   It’s important to understand the context of this scripture so let me give you a quick refresher. In chapter 12, when Abraham—or Abram as he was then called—is 75 years old, he receives a message from the Lord: “Go to the land I will show you. I will make of you a […]

Miracles in Hearing

To watch the video click here Acts 2:1-18 Americans are known around the world for our limited language skills. People who grow up in other countries often know multiple languages, and although they probably have a native language that is most comfortable, they are able to understand other predominate languages. The same would have been true in Jesus’ day and setting. […]

The Kindom of God

Acts 1:1-14 You can read the sermon below or watch it here: Video This is one of those biblical stories that falls into the category of—what’s the word? Is it miracle? Mystery? Fantasy? It is illogical, certainly. We earthlings are pretty familiar with the concept of gravity, and people do not take their leave by rising […]

I Will Come to You

John 14:15-21 You can read the sermon below or watch it here: https://youtu.be/2faSFc65AZk    (Watching/listening is suggested this week because it includes a guided meditation.) This passage from the Gospel According to John is from a portion of scripture that scholars call Jesus’ Farewell Discourse. In this story it is Thursday of Holy Week, the evening […]


Watch the video of the sermon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dysQIsCV9pQ Ephesians 2:11-22 Imagine with me that we are members of the early church. We have gathered in the home of one of our members—the largest home because our numbers are increasing. We are all followers of Jesus, but we are not all the same. Far from it. Some […]

Beyond the Sheep

To watch  the video click Here John 10:1-11 I have noticed a change in my preaching recently. I have noticed that I am bored . . . not with the scriptures or with preaching, but with the usual way of interpreting them. I have grown weary of wading through scholarly arguments about obscure theology that may […]

Community Crisis Ministries Sunday

I Have Seen the Lord

You can watch a storytelling version of the scripture Here You can watch the sermon Here John 20:1-18 A biblical scholar I read this week said he is always surprised that so many people go to church on Easter. He said it’s really not Christianity 101. Easter is more of an advanced course—something you only understand by […]

Hold On to Love: A Musical for Good Friday

You can watch the video of our Good Friday musical, Hold On to Love, here: https://youtu.be/dIv_c2a32so  

Faces in the Crowd

You can watch the storytelling and sermon here: https://youtu.be/G3oIBlVmLgk Matthew 21:1-11 Preachers vary on their approach to this day. For some it has always been and will always be Palm Sunday, and that’s all. But many others are now calling it Palm [slash] Passion Sunday. It used to be—or at least there is the perception that […]

Turning the Tables

You can watch the sermon here: https://youtu.be/k1oeq-Sbw8U Mark 11:15-19 You can blame Marvin Ellison for this sermon. OK, not for the sermon, but for the scripture choice. You see, I was meeting with Marvin back in January, and I told him about our Lenten theme, how we would hold on to things rather than give them […]

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