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Do you see what I see?

Matthew 21:1-11 Two of my fellow students in seminary had cerebral palsy. They both used wheelchairs, but that was pretty much where their similarities ended. Ann Marie was tall; Sophia was small. Ann Marie was blonde; Sophia had dark hair. Ann Marie’s CP was more severe than Sophia’s, with greater limits on her speech and [...]

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Ezekiel 37:1-14 I know a woman who, a number of years ago, was at a desperate place in life. She had just left an abusive marriage and still feared for her safety. She carried pepper spray on her keychain, and had a bottle by every door. She always looked over her shoulder, always checked the [...]

Surely Goodness & Mercy

Psalm 23 The 23rd psalm is not recognized and known only in the church. People who could not quote another scripture to save their lives can at least stumble their way through the 23rd Psalm, even if they don’t know it’s the 23rd. It has been called “An American secular icon.” But it is not [...]

Downpours and Outpouring

John 4:5-30, 39-42 When I was a child, I always loved it when my mom sang in church. One of her favorites was based on this story: Like the woman at the well, I was seeking for things that could not satisfy. And then I heard my savior speaking: Draw from my well, which never [...]

Greetings, Earthling!

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7 Our text for today is an excerpt from a much longer narrative, of course; and in order to gain any understanding of it, we need to look at the whole picture. It starts with the creation of the earth and the heavens. Then God formed a creature “from the dust of the [...]

Sweet Temptation

March 9, 2014 Matthew 4:1-11 Have you ever been in a conversation about religion with someone whose response to every statement is “Yes, but the Bible says….” I always want to refer them to the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness because even the devil can quote scripture to his advantage! In fact, [...]

Words for the Journey

Matthew 17:1-9 When I began my time with you eighteen months ago, I preached about trusting that the Spirit would surely be our holy GPS along this transitional journey. The first Sunday after John McCall retired, I reminded us, using a midrash story about God, the angels and creation, that even in the time between [...]

You Are and Will Be

Isaiah 58:1-12 Matthew 5:13-16 One of the first questions I was asked in seminary, umpteen years ago, was “What is your canon within the canon?” This is, of course, “canon” with one “n” in the middle, not two, and refers to our sacred text. Another way of asking the question is “What is your Bible [...]

Mission Sunday

Sermon delivered on Mission Sunday 2013 by Rev. Walter Kimball.


Sermon from 02/02/2014 given by Rev. Diane Harvey.

Come and See

Sermon by Rev. Cindy Maddox on January 26, 2014 John 1:35-46 Years ago I was leaving a store in the mall when I noticed a young boy speaking adamantly to his parents and older siblings. “I’m the leader!” he announced. “OK, everybody? I’m the leader!” He turned on his heel, marched out the door, then [...]

Opening Our Treasure Chests

January 5, 2014 Matthew 2:1-12  The Christmas presents have been opened, exchanged, returned, or packed away for next year’s “regifting.” The tree has either been dragged to the curb or is so dry you’re afraid to turn the lights on for fear of spontaneous combustion. Christmas decorations have disappeared from store shelves, already replaced by [...]

Poverty of Imagination

December 8, 2013 Isaiah 11:1-10 Most of you have probably heard of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games Trilogy is a series of young adult books, now movies, set in the future in what is left of the United States after a series of wars and uprisings. The country now goes by the name of [...]

Endings and Beginnings

Sermon from 12/01/2013 given by Rev. Diane Harvey. Text to come.

This Day

“This Day” November 24, 2013 John 6:25-35 Philippians 4:4-9 We live in an entertainment culture. And apparently we like our entertainment with some judging involved. Just about every night of the week, it seems, you can watch American Idol, The Voice, the X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, or So You Think [...]

Fans or Followers?

Matthew 4:18-25 One of the things you will learn about me is that, when it comes to scripture, I usually want to know more. I want the back story. I want the internal dialogue, the thought processes. I want to know the character’s motivation. I want to know exactly what caused Peter and Andrew to [...]

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