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Senior Pastor Search Committee Formation

At its August 23 meeting, the Church Council set up a small team to gather nominees to serve on a Search Committee for the Senior Pastor for our church.  The team is looking for a diverse group of 9 to 11 people: people of assorted ages, gender, occupation, interests and church involvement. A more detailed description is in the Sept. 9th Beacon (click here and look at page 3). Are you interested? Do you know someone you want to nominate? The commitment includes:

  • A year or more of bi-weekly or possibly weekly meetings
  • Committee work includes a discernment process with the congregation, i.e., who are we, what do we want, what do we need?
  • Committee members review profiles of candidates, then engage in discussion and evaluation
  • Roles on the committee include chairperson, recorder and chaplain

The Council meets on Oct. 4 to approve the Search Committee…and away they go, meeting as soon as Oct. 10.

If you are interested, or want to nominate someone, please contact one of these folks before September 21: Betsy Keiter (767-6182), Peggy Murray (883-6535), or Elinor Redmond (767-4198)

Thank you!
Nancy MacLean, Moderator


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