Discovery Center Traditions

Lunch bunch – A pretty popular bonus to our program. At the beginning of October the Discovery Center opens up a chance for parents to sign their child up for an added hour to all our programs, two days a week. The children are sent to school with a packed lunch from home and will eat together, sharing their stories and get a chance to play a little after lunch. It has been well received over the years from kids and parents. There is an additional fee of $8 for this added hour which can be added onto the monthly tuition due or paid at time of pickup.

Movie nights – Are a fun plus to our curriculum each year. We pick an appropriate child movie to watch in the gymnasium downstairs in the church. Families gather together and bring sleeping bags for the children along with other friends and baked goods. We pop popcorn and provide water. It is a great time for the kids to see one another and families to connect.

Holiday party – We are inclusive in discussion of all of the holidays with the children. We have a holiday party where parents come into the classrooms to watch the children sing and share what they have learned in the first part of the year. The kids are very excited to participate at their own pace and comfort level. We will often have a small, fun and simple project to do with the kids while at the holiday party. In the past we have made small gingerbread houses. More fun things to come this year!




Mothers Day Tea – A great tradition the Discovery Center has done every mother’s day with a few songs and tea and baked goods the kids make. We invite mothers into the classroom for this special celebration and the kids love to show off their handmade wares for their moms.