Discovery Center Traditions

Lunch bunch – A pretty popular bonus to our program. At the beginning of October the Discovery Center opens up a chance for parents to sign their child up for an added half hour to our “Frog” program. The children are sent to school with a packed lunch from home and will eat together, sharing their stories and get a chance to play a little after lunch. It has been well received over the years from students and parents. There is an additional fee of $5 for this added time which can be added onto the monthly tuition due or paid at time of pickup.

Annual Discovery Center Art Show – This fun event happens in the Spring.  Our teachers save special projects through the year to place on display for all to see.  We hold our Art Show in the evening and allow students to invite friends and family to come see their beautiful creations in a somewhat formal setting.  Light refreshments are served as well.

Holiday party – We are inclusive in discussion of all of the holidays with the children. In the month of December we have a holiday party and invite parents into the classrooms to watch the children sing and share what they have learned in the first part of the year. The students are very excited to participate at their own pace and comfort level.



Family Pot Luck – This is an exciting evening for our Discovery Center families. Shortly after our school year begins, we all gather together for our Annual Pot Luck dinner in Wright Pavilion.  This is a wonderful time to meet new families and see the friends your child has made in preschool.  We all agree this is one of our favorite traditions!