In 2010, we engaged in a series of conversations with parents and youth to shape the Confirmation program in years to come. This conversation articulated several elements that are central to our understanding of Confirmation, including:

  • We are all on a journey. Confirmation is an opportunity for each youth to choose his/her own spiritual path.
  • To engage in conversations about faith, we need to be mature enough to talk about hard things without being mean or disrespectful.
  • We all need mentors. Confirmation should be an opportunity where youth seek to grow in an adult friendship with someone in the church.
  • Our faith is reflected in our commitment to mission, service and action. Confirmation should be an opportunity to explore this experience.
  • No one has enough time. Our youth are feeling the same stretch that older members in our church are feeling in their varied commitments.

All youth of 13 years or older are invited to join the Confirmation Class of 2012 starting in January of 2012. This new program is a six-month opportunity for youth to explore their faith. If a youth doesn’t choose to be confirmed at 13 years old, there will be an invitation extended each year until they choose to participate in this opportunity.

This experience will include several Sunday afternoon classes – but that’s not all! Youth will explore death and dying with a funeral home visit. They’ll volunteer at Wayside Soup Kitchen. They’ll walk on the beach and learn about parables. They’ll do a midnight Labyrinth Walk during an all-night sleepover at the church. Our youth will be enriched by these conversations and planning so that we can welcome them into the journey of our life together.