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Administration Meeting Minutes – 6/10/2011

Recorder: Deb Sandler

Present: Ron Bennett, Jim Otis, Rod Redstone, Deb Sandler and Cyndi Alden. Excused: Guy Gledhill, Chris Mills and Scott Stacey.

Call to Order: Rod called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Deb agreed to record this meeting and run the next meeting in September.

Minutes of the Admin. Team May 5th Meeting: Reviewed and accepted as written.

Financial Statements and Budget: The financial statements for May 31st were reviewed and accepted. We are currently at 43.4% of budget and right on track.

Tenant Update:
509 Sawyer: The upgrade on the house has been completed: Siding $6,752., porch $4,329., wainscoting on porch $626., window trim $425., new fence…privacy fencing for the renter and open fencing for the Discovery Center $6,298., for a total cost of $18,430 paid for from the Major Maintenance budget.
After two years of lower rent, due to a job loss, the renter will begin to pay the full rent of $1000 starting July 1st.
301 Cottage: 1st floor… all is going well. The rent of $1200 is being paid regularly and on time.
301 Cottage: 2nd floor… the renter asked for permission to move a dog into her apartment. After much discussion, considering the recent total renovation of that space, the A-Team decided to stick with our lease agreement and not grant her request.

Council concerns about evacuation routes: Tom has worked on the evacuation routes and maps to be placed in plastic and posted in every room. Deb will check and see where the project stands.

Insurance Renewals: Scott Stacey met with Cyndi to review our current insurance. We’ve had this insurance for 5 years and are adequately covered. We’ll start to do an evaluation in the fall and look to possibly re-bid our insurance by this time next year.

Team Member Replacement: Guy has promised to find another candidate by the September meeting.

Annual Report: Guy kindly submitted the annual report in May.

Homecoming Sunday: Since we’ve heard nothing about plans for Homecoming Sunday we’re assuming that the A-Team will not need to fulfill a role.

Committee Reports:
Counting: All appears to be going well.
a. As mentioned earlier, much work has been completed on the 509 Cottage Rd. property. Tom is still working with the electrician to complete the electrical work.
b. The painting in the sanctuary has been going well. Tom and Deb have worked carefully with the painters to insure that the color patterns flow well. The ceiling and narthex still need to be completed. They are waiting until the summer season to complete the project since the pews will need to be moved to paint the ceiling. We discovered that the painting in the chancel was done incorrectly and will have them redo the walls to be the lighter color. Right now both the walls and trim in the chancel are painted the same trim color.
Planned Giving: Ron, as one of his last acts as an A-Team member, will submit an article in the Beacon that will address…what the endowment funds do for the church and why does it make sense to set up an endowment fund. Ron has agreed to stay on the Planned Giving and Financial Review Committees after stepping down from his service on the A-Team. Thank you, Ron!

Church Member concerns: We had a visit from two church members who were concerned about the general cleanliness of the church, especially the bathrooms. We listened carefully to their concerns. Deb promised to talk with Nancy about the progress of the re-formation of a Personnel Committee where these issues can be dealt with properly.

Dogs revisited: We have had a running discussion for over two years about the off and on presence of a dog at the 509 Cottage Road property. It came to our attention that the renter has also acquired a cat. Both animals are against the lease agreement. We asked Cyndi to send a letter to the renter that asked….do you have a cat; if you do, are you aware that it is not allowed in your lease and it is grounds for eviction; if you agree to remove the cat we will be willing to revisit allowing you to keep the dog on your property.

Photocopier: Our current photocopier is a rebuilt copier that we have had for 5 years. It has had a long, productive life producing over 2 million copies. It is ready to be retired.
Cyndi has researched the cost and availability of a new rebuilt copier. There are no funds in the Administration budget to purchase new equipment.
We reviewed the CNA report to see if replacing office equipment was included in the report. It was not. The A-Team feels that it was inadvertently omitted from the CAN study and voted to give Cyndi permission to purchase a copier, when one becomes available, to be funded by the Major Maintenance Fund, at a cost of up to $5,000.

Oil Pricing: Cyndi asked if we wanted to be informed on a regular basis as to the current cost of oil, just in case we wanted to vote to lock in on a price. Yes…
Jim suggested strongly that we inquire about converting to gas. We know that Tom researched that in the past year and that the House Committee decided to table the decision. The A-Team asked that the House Committee revisit that decision at their next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, September 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:21 p.m.

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