Eskimo Club

The ESKIMO CLUB is on summer hiatus.  They will return in the fall with a new name and a list of new activities.

Basic information about the group will remain the same

  • The Club is intended to promote good fellowship and further the interests of the Church.
  • Membership is open to pretty much everyone (must support the objectives of the Club, be of good moral character, and agree to abide by the Club’s constitution and bylaws; you do not need to be a member of the Church)
  • Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month, October through May.
  • Suppers are provided at each meeting, at a cost of $10 per person (this may increase next fall).
  • Each meeting includes some sort of program.  Typical programs are musical groups (e.g. steel drum band or guitar singer) or speakers (e.g. former FBI executive, South Portland city planner).
  • Annual dues are $5.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!!

Consecration Sunday is October 27th

Now is the time to share your Surprising Gifts! You have heard from the Stewardship Committee over the last few weeks, in worship and in letters. You’ve heard from other folks as well— a longtime member, a new member, and one “in between” and how each one related to our theme of Surprising Gifts / New Beginnings and why each will continue to support the work of the church by making financial contributions. Now is the time to join them and experience the excitement and power of the many. As we’ve said, no pledge is too small and each one will be warmly embraced.

Here’s how to join in the fun— prayerfully, faithfully, and joyfully consider your blessings as you make your pledge for 2014. Then bring your pledge card with you and join us on Consecration Sunday, October 27, for worship at 8:30 or 10:00a.m. where we will celebrate the blessings in our lives and faithfully commit to the future by placing those pledge cards into the offering plates. Or, if it is more convenient for you, you may make your pledge online by clicking here.

In gratitude,
Chris Keiter, Jayne Sawtelle Quinn, Jerry Reynolds, Dan Cummings, Bill Campbell, and Diane Harvey
Your 2013-14 Stewardship Committee

Help others find our church!

These days, many people search for places on the internet before they go to them in person.  When they look through the results of an internet search,  they often use ratings and reviews to decide what to do.  However, there are only a few reviews of our church online.  You can help people find out about our wonderful church by adding a review of your own.  Here are a  couple of suggestions:

* Go to

* Enter ‘first congregational church ucc south portland maine’

* Select the option to write a review.  You may need to log in with a GMail account.

* Repeat the process with

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about our church!

Chris Keiter

Senior Pastor Search Committee Formation

At its August 23 meeting, the Church Council set up a small team to gather nominees to serve on a Search Committee for the Senior Pastor for our church.  The team is looking for a diverse group of 9 to 11 people: people of assorted ages, gender, occupation, interests and church involvement. A more detailed description is in the Sept. 9th Beacon (click here and look at page 3). Are you interested? Do you know someone you want to nominate? The commitment includes:

  • A year or more of bi-weekly or possibly weekly meetings
  • Committee work includes a discernment process with the congregation, i.e., who are we, what do we want, what do we need?
  • Committee members review profiles of candidates, then engage in discussion and evaluation
  • Roles on the committee include chairperson, recorder and chaplain

The Council meets on Oct. 4 to approve the Search Committee…and away they go, meeting as soon as Oct. 10.

If you are interested, or want to nominate someone, please contact one of these folks before September 21: Betsy Keiter (767-6182), Peggy Murray (883-6535), or Elinor Redmond (767-4198)

Thank you!
Nancy MacLean, Moderator


New RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  What it means for you is that you can have church website posts sent to you directly, so you don’t even have to go to the site to see the latest information!  To subscribe, go to the footer of any page and click on the “Subscribe” button.  If you already have an RSS reader set up or if you want the posts sent to your email, just fill out the requested information.  Posts will start arriving in a few days.  It’s that simple!  We started out with only sermons available, but now we also have News & Events, the Ministers’ Blog, and Minutes.  Subscribe today and enjoy!

New website going live!

We are very pleased to announce that our new website is here!  After many months of time and countless hours of work, we have finally made it!  You will discover a new look and feel, a real search, an online donation page, and many other new features.  Go to our New To Site page for a more complete description of the new site.

Many thanks to John McCall, Elsa Peters, Dana Wiggins, Aaron Scifres, Chris Keiter, and Sarah Hines (our consultant from Shines & Jecker Laboratories).  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our webmasters.