Pledging for 2018

I Love My Church: Why and How!

We do love our church! We love it for its history and traditions, for the memories we have here. We love this church because it supports us in joy and in pain. We love this church because of its stands for justice and its voice for equality. We love this church because of its mission and outreach, the way we help our neighbors. We love our church for many reasons, and we show that love in many ways. One of the import ways we demonstrate our love is through our financial giving. We rely on the tithes and offerings of members and friends to meet our ministry expenses.

Not sure how much to give? Here are a few ideas.

  • Some of us tithe, which means we give 10% of our income to God. Are you able to commit to this level?
  • If you cannot give 10%, could you commit to a different percentage? Here is a helpful chart to see what those numbers might look like on a MONTHLY basis.

If we were to fund the entire budget from pledges, we would need annual pledges of approximately $2200 per household or pledging unit. If your income is below average for our area, then please give accordingly. If your income is above average, perhaps you can give more.

Our Consecration Sunday is November 12, 2017. Please bring your pledge form with you to worship on that day. Or use this online form in place of the regular pledge card to inform us of the amount you intend to give for the regular offering during 2018.

  • First indicate “Offering Frequency” (whether you want to make an offering weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually).
  • Then specify the “Amount of Each Offering”.
  • The form will calculate the total annual pledge amount (i.e. Offering Frequency x Amount of Each Offering) and display it in green.
  • When you click “Submit,” you’ll receive an email confirming your pledge.
  • You can then make your offering with cash or paper check when you attend worship, through your own bank’s bill-payment program, or by credit card through our secure provider.

You may change your pledge at any time by notifying our Business Manager, Nancy Irving, at 799-3361, ext 103, or by email.


The Ministry Council

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2019 Pledge Form

  • Select the frequency with which you plan to make your offering.
  • Specify the amount you intend to contribute each time you make an offering.
  • $0.00
    Automatically calculated as the Offering Frequency multiplied by the Amount of Each Pledge.

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