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Church Council Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2014

Church Council Meeting Minutes August 21, 2014 Recorder:  Scott Berry Present:  Scott Berry, Ron Bennett, Cindy Maddox, Bob Morse, Peggy Murray (via cell phone connection), Elinor Redmond, Robin Reinhold and Dana Wiggins Absent:  Holly Culver, John Howard, Beth Hess, Betsy Keiter, John Shoos Elinor opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Scott offered the opening. Minutes [...]

Spiritual Life & Worship Minutes – March 6, 2014

Spiritual Life & Worship Minutes: 3/6/14 Present: Margaret, Kathy, Dave, Sue, Dana, Cindy  Minister’s Time:  Bob Morse is filling position of Pastor of Member Care and Visitation (10-15 hours). Cindy making visitations as well.  Margaret will inquire about getting an alphabetical list from MMC  Independent Transportation Network (ITN) service is a [...]

Mission and Outreach Team Minutes – March 6, 2014

Mission and Outreach Team, FCC UCC Agenda March 6, 2014 7:30 p.m. to 8:50 p.m. Present: Karen, Margaret, Deb, Walter, Jess, Georgia, Cindy Standing business: • February Minutes approved by Jess, Seconded by Walter • Financial Report: Jess presented March’s report with no changes from January. The business manager indicated no changes however, Jess will [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2014

Spiritual Life & Worship Minutes – February 6, 2014

Minutes, February 6, 2014 – Spiritual Life & Worship Attending: – Dave Allen, Elaine Brownell, Dana Wiggins, Kathy Sahrbeck, Cindy Maddox Minister’s Time:¬ – Feb. 23 – Baptism scheduled in the 10:00 a.m. sanctuary service/ Dana will assist. – Feb. 23 – SL&W team will watch for clergy coming at 2:00 p.m. for the Service [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – 7/18/2013

Recorder:  Elinor Redmond  Peggy Murray called the meeting to order at 7:05. Members present:  Nancy MacLean, Scott Berry, John Shoos, Betsy Keiter, Elinor Redmond, Peggy Murray, Holly Culver, John Howard.  Robin Reinhold was present via telephone.  Absent were Bob Morse (in Germany), Beth Hess (in Ireland) and Silas Zechman (travelling with his family).  Deb Dagnan [...]

SL&W Meeting Minutes – 6/6/2013

Recorder:  Elaine Brownell     Attending:   Tex Haeuser, Dave Allen, Justin LaBerge, Debbie Riley, Margaret O’Connor, LeslieGatcombe,  Kathy Sahrbeck, Dana Wiggins, Diane Harvey, and Elaine Brownell.   Opening Prayer was led by Dave.   Review of May Minutes:  Revised minutes were approved.   Minister’s Update: (Diane) –     All plans are going well regarding Friday and [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – 5/23/2013

Recorder:  Carl I. Murphy The Council was called to order by Nancy at 6:35 PM with an opening prayer by Nancy. Present: Nancy MacLean, Peggy Murray, Robert Morse, Robin Reinhold, Elinor Redmond, Betsy Keiter, John Howard, John Shoos, Scott Berry, Diane Harvey, Carl Murphy. Absent: Beth Hess, Silas Zechman, John McCall The agenda was reviewed [...]

Mission & Outreach Meeting Minutes – 6/6/2013

In Attendance:  Jan Bosse, Margaret Anderson, Karen Westerberg, Jess Proctor, Walter Kimball,  Georgia Donati and Kristen Silvia. Opening Devotion was given by Jan. Minutes from the May 2, 2013 meeting were approved. Treasurer’s Report:  the June budget was presented by Kristen.  She noted that the amounts may not be completely accurate since she has not [...]

SL&W Meeting Minutes – 5/2/2013

Attending:                                  Rev. John McCall, Rev. Diane Harvey, Dana Wiggins, Tex Haeuser, Justin LaBerge, Leslie Gatcombe, Debbie Riley, Margaret O’Connor.   Not Able to Attend:                    Sue Stevens, Kathy Sahrbeck, Elaine Brownell, Dave Allen.   Opening Prayer:                        John led us in an opening prayer.   Introductions:                            The members welcomed Leslie and Justin who are planning to join [...]

EG&F Meeting Minutes – 5/2/2013

Recorder:  Judy Magnuson Attendees:  Carol Zechman, Tom Hamerski, Merritt VonSeggern, Trudi Bakke, and Judy Magnuson. Tom offered an opening prayer. Carol spoke to Diane Armstrong and she is interested.  Judy spoke to Sharon Leddy-Smart and she is also interested.  The Minutes from April were reviewed and accepted. Carolyn’s report was reviewed.  Children’s Celebration Sunday planning [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – 4/18/2013

Recorder:  John Shoos Present:  Nancy MacLean, Bob Morse, John Howard, Robin Reinhold, Scott Berry, Elinor Redmond, Diane Harvey, Peggy Murray, Carl Murphy, Beth Hess, John Shoos(recorder) Absent: Betsy Keiter, Silas Zechman, John McCall Nancy called the meeting to order at 6:35PM.  Nancy said John McCall was attending a conference in New Hampshire. The minutes of [...]

Mission & Outreach Meeting Minutes – 5/2/2013

Recorder:  Jess Proctor Members Present: Jan Bosse, Karen Westerberg, Jess Proctor, & Walter Kimball. Opening Devotion: Karen – thank you! April Minutes:  Approved. Treasurers Report:  update in June with Kristen’s absence. April – 3 disbursements  Andover Newton, Long Creek Ministry, Pilgrim Lodge. Jess needs to send Beacon article for May 17th . Easter  offering :$2229.50 half [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – 3/21/2013

Present:  Nancy MacLean, John McCall, Betsy Keiter, Bob Morse, Silas Zechman, John Howard, Robin Reinhold, Scott Berry, Elinor Redmond, Diane Harvey, John Shoos, Beth Hess. Absent:  Peggy Murray, Carl Murphy Nancy called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.  Members were reminded to include John Howard on the email list. The minutes of the February [...]

Mission & Outreach Meeting Minutes – 3/7/2013

In Attendance:  Margaret Anderson, Kristen Silvia, Jess Proctor, Don Russell, and Karen Westerberg. Georgia Donati joined us mid-meeting. Also attending were Walter and Judy Kimball, who may be joining the group. Jess ran the meeting in Jan’s absence. The opening devotion was given by Kristen Silvia. The Minutes from the February 7, 2013 meeting were [...]

SL&W Meeting Minutes – 4/4/2013

Present: Kathy S, Dave A, Elaine B, Dana W, Tex H, Sue S, and John McCall. Tex led us in an opening prayer. March meeting minutes were approved as presented. Minister’s Update Everything during Holy Week went beautifully. Cyndi Alden resigned effective Tuesday, April 2.  Ellie Chatto is handling the church finances on the short [...]

Mission & Outreach Meeting Minutes – 4/4/2013

Members Present:   Jess Proctor, Kristen Silvia, Jan Bosse, Karen Westerberg, Georgia Donati, Walter Kimball, & Don Russell. Opening Devotion:  Thank you Jess. March 2013 Minutes:  approved and accepted. Treasurer Report:  was presented and discussed, approved and accepted.  Easter offering details of split between Grace St. Ministry and CCMF is pending.  The new budget year includes [...]

SL&W Meeting Minutes – 3/7/2013

Recorder:  Kathy Sahrbeck ATTENDING: Dana Wiggins, Debbie Riley, Elaine Brownell, Dave Allen, Sue Stevens, Margaret O’Connor, Kathy Sahrbeck The meeting began at 7:07 with a prayer by Sue Stevens. FEBRUARY MINUTES were approved as distributed.  Comments were made about the Memorial Fund information that was presented in the minutes, questioning the amount actually left in [...]

EG&F Meeting Minutes – 3/7/2013

Recorder:  Judy Magnuson Attendees:  Carol Zechman, Tom Hamerski, Merritt VonSegrin, Judy Magnuson Sue Ross reported on the Growth Group.  The group has moved from 9 members to just Susan at this time.  Activities they have completed over the last few years include: visiting other churches revised welcome packets designed the bookmark created a general informational [...]

Church Council Meeting Minutes – 2/21/2013

Recorder:  Peggy Murray  Attendees: Nancy MacLean, John McCall, Diane Harvey, Scott Berry, Peggy Murray, Elinor Redmond, Carl Murphy, Bob Morse, Beth Hess, Betsy Keiter, John Shoos, John Howard, Silas Zechman Absent: Robin Reinhold  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Nancy MacLean, and a prayer was led by Peggy Murray.  The minutes of [...]

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