Spiritual Life and Worship Team Handbook

The Spiritual Life and Worship Team handbook is designed as a resource for team members as they carry out the activities that are the responsibility of the team.

The handbook is divided into five downloadable sections to facilitate ease of locating the information needed.

 SECTION 1 – Spiritual Life and Worship Team Download

  • Recurring Agenda Items by Month
  • Budget

Section 2 – SL&W Team Responsibilities Download

  • Lenten Responsibilities
  • Elders

Section 3 – Communion Procedures (under development)

  • Set up and Clean up
  • Serving
  • Intinction

Section 4 – Complementary Groups Download

  • Acolytes
  • Greeters
  • Ushers

Section 5 – Church Policies (under development)

  • Membership
  • Wedding Policy
  • Funeral Policy