A-Team Procedures Manual

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The A-Team Procedures Manual is designed as a resource for team members as they carry out the responsibilities of the Administration Team.

The following information is in the A-Team Procedures Manual.  Click on the links, below, for more detailed information.


1. Church Governance Structure

2. Description of THE A-Team

2.1 Responsibilities
2.2 Roster
2.3 Sample Agenda
2.4 Sample Minutes
2.5 Decision Making Process
2.6 Annual Operating Budget

3. A-Team Sub-Committee Structure and Duties

3.1 House Committee
3.2 Counting Committee
3.3 Financial Review Committee

4. Church Rental Policy

4.1 Church Rental Policy Guidelines
4.2 Church Rental Contract

5. Summary of Intended Uses of Memorials, Bequests and Gifts

6. Accounting Procedures Manual